Exploit your ideas, Summit the Villarica Volcano 2847m

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Ascent Villarrica Volcano 2847m

Get ready to climb to the top of one of the most active volcanoes in Chile ! At the summit (2847m), you will enjoy a panoramic view of the different lakes and volcanoes of the region (Quetrupillán, Lanin, Llaima, Lonquimay, Sierra Nevada, Chohuenco, Osorno, Tolhuaca). Climbing the volcano is possible all year long, in winter and summer, escorted by professional guides. From June to December, it is possible to go down skiing or snowboarding (a good level and good physical conditions are required). This activity requires intermediate fitness, depending on the duration of the ascent which depends on the season (from 4 to 6h), on the weather conditions of the day and on the elevation gain (1050m / 1650m).

What is included in the price ?( $ 46.000 )

Full equipment of 11 items which are on the responsibility of the customer (in case of loosing, the price of the item will be charged to you) :
Trekking shoes (comfortable and waterproof, from sizes 35 to 52),
Crampons adaptable for any type of shoes, ice axe, helmet, gas mask
Gaiters, over pants (and protection to slide down), over jacket, gloves
Backpack, plastic sledge to go down

Transport round trip to the base of the volcano (for the whole group)
Entrance to the Villarrica national park
1 professional guide and one assistant guide for 6 people (Spanish/English)
Compulsory insurance
A drink when you will be back to the agency

What do I have to bring ?

Warm clothes
3 layers on top : t-shirt, fleece, easy to take off
1 comfortable pair of pants (no short)
long socks
hat, gloves
Sunglasses (category 3 minimum, covering your face - rental + 2000 pesos)
Solar cream (high level of protection : 30 minimum), to use at every stop
Trekking poles (optional, rental +2000 pesos)
Food and water (at least 2 liters). Please buy your lunch the day before the ascent to ovoid wasting time in the morning.
Cash for chailift (5000$) and for the tips for the guides (optional, 10% directly to the guides)

Program of the day
Day starts @ 6:30 am at the agency
On the road to the Volcano @ 7:00am - 17km (45min)
@ 9:00 am Starts
1200m : car park : ski resort (without chairlift) Ascent with break every 45min
1400m : cafeteria/arrival chairlift nº9
1800m : arrival chairlift nº5 october to april
Ascent Villarrica Volcano 2847m

Security first :

1 guide and 1 assistant for 6 persons (other agencies offer 1 guide for 6 persons and one assistant for 15 persons).
Guides should have radio and are in constant communication with the agency and one with each other.

Info required if you need us to book your Ascent:
Name, Surname
Passport number
Birth date
Clothes size ( S / M / L / XL)
Where do you live in Pucon ?

Booking at the agency

The ascent of the volcano depends a lot on the weather condition, that is why we advise you to come at the agency when you arrive in Pucón : thus we will see together what is the best day to do the ascent. In every case, you will have to come at the agency the day before your ascent, in the evening, to try on the equipment and revise the final details.

How to pay ?

ItYou will pay at the end of the day, once you already did the ascent

The day before the ascent :

The day before the ascension, we you have to come to the agency at the end of the day (+/- 7pm) in order to :

See the weather forecast.
Reserve or confirm your reservation by giving us your personal information, necessary for our insurance.
Try the equipment and be aware of the last necessary information.
If you have physical problems (asthma, cardiac deficiency, vertigos...), you must tell us before you register to permit us to evaluate the risks with you.
Make sure that you have all the equipment necesary for the ascent, and prepare enough food for the day.

How long do we stay at the top ?

We stay between 5min and 1h at the edge of the crater depending on :

The weather (temperatures, wind, snow)
The season (summer/winter)
The time we reach the summit

It is possible to go around the crater when there is little smoke and no wind, and then see 7 volcanos (North : Tolhuaca, Lonquimqy, Llaima ; East : Quetrupillan, Lanin ; South : Mocho Choshuenco, Osorno)

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